Vue.js Newsletter #45: VueConf Guide, New Speaker; TypeScript-starter, articles, videos and resources

Hello!Sorry for the slight delay this week. There’s so much going on it’s crazy.There is supposed to
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Vue.js News
Sorry for the slight delay this week. There’s so much going on it’s crazy.
There is supposed to be a Dev Battle between React and Vue today at 7:30 CDT. Although I’m very against putting people against each other, I hope this is more of a joke than actual fight and it will be done in a very nice, and constructive way.
Make sure you check out the resources section – lots of nice libraries for your projects. Also, if you’re a TypeScript user, there’s a new TypeScript-Vue-starter straight from Microsoft!

VueConf 2017 | Guide
Eric Baer
New Speaker: Eric Baer – The Evolution of API Design: From RPC to GraphQL
There are still tickets for workshops with Sarah Drasner and Blake Newman. Get them while you can!

Also, VueConf is still looking for partners. If your company would like to help us make the event even better and get something in return – email us at
Release CSS Support · express-vue/express-vue · GitHub
Tighten Co. Dev Battle - React vs. Vue
Vue HTML to JS compiler – vuejs-tips – Medium
Dalton Mitchell: Vue.js - JavaScript framework or gateway drug? SacJS March 2017 - YouTube
Create a Reactive Data Pipeline with Vue.js ←
A modern way to do E2E testing for Vue.js apps – Hacker Noon
Vue.js quick tip: Using destructuring assignment in for loops
GitHub - Microsoft/TypeScript-Vue-Starter
GitHub - wangdahoo/vue-scroller
GitHub - express-vue/express-vue
GitHub - JSmith01/vue-selectable
GitHub - zephraph/vue-theme-loader
GitHub - v-reset-input
GitHub - juliandavidmr/vue-frame
GitHub - mamboer/vue-easy-gantt
GitHub - euvl/vue-js-modal
GitHub - FranckFreiburger/vue-calendar-picker
GitHub - jicjjang/vue-card-layer
Weather Vue
That’s all for this week.
Thanks for all the resources you submitted through email or Twitter.

See you next week,
Damian DuliszAnna Konopka & Krzysztof Jung
with love from Monterail

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