Vue.js Newsletter #44: VueConf: New workshop with Sarah Drasner & new speaker Callum Macrae; upgrades to PWA and much more!

Hey!First of all – VueConf is just around the corner! Only ~6 weeks left!New speaker and workshop ann
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Vue.js News
First of all – VueConf is just around the corner! Only ~6 weeks left!
New speaker and workshop announced!
Huang Xuan (@Huxpro) just published an amazing article about upgrading to a Progressive Web App. Must read!
Also, have you seen the new Stack Overflow Trends tool? Turns out Vue.js is kinda storming the site with one of the fastest growing tags on the platform! Read the introduction post here.
As always, please make sure to check all the other articles and resources! My personal favorite this week would be the eslint-plugin-vue-trial plugin, that makes it possible to lint Vue templates. Sweet! 

Sarah Drasner
We’re happy to announce that Sarah Drasner (@sarah_edo) will run a workshop on June 21st about Animated Interfaces in Vue.js. If you’re into super neat interfaces, slick animations, and all kinds of SVG magic you should definitely take part in this workshop. 
Callum Macrae
Also, Callum Macrae (@callumacrae) just joined as our new speaker and will be talking about web accessibility in Vue.js apps. If you care about making your web apps truly accessible for everyone – and you should – this talk is for you!
More announcements this week.
Stay up to date and follow us on Twitter @vueconf.
Upgrading to Progressive Web App – ELEME Frontend Engineering – Medium
Moving From Angular to Vue : A vuetiful journey
What I Learned About VueJS From Building A Chrome Extension
Google Maps in Plain Vue – Matt Jenkins – Medium
The Best Way to use Vue.js with Express - Server Side Rendering
GitHub - cristijora/vue-paper-dashboard
GitHub - mysticatea/eslint-plugin-vue-trial
GitHub - StevenYuysy/vue-content-placeholder
GitHub - alessiomaffeis/vue-picture-input
GitHub - markselby9/vuez
GitHub - euvl/vue-js-modal
GitHub - rigor789/nativescript-vue
GitHub - NDanilov2015/vue-dos-ui1
Thanks for reading!
See you next week,
Damian Dulisz & Krzysztof Jung
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