Vue.js Newsletter #43: Vue v2.3.0 released, Akryum – New VueConf speaker, Official SSR guide and more!

Hey there!Great week for all Vue developers – Vue.js just hit v2.3.0 codename: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventu
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Vue.js Newsletter
Hey there!
Great week for all Vue developers – Vue.js just hit v2.3.0 codename: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure! But that’s not all – along with tons of server-side rendering related enhancements we also got a complete guide to doing server-side rendering from Evan You himself.
Oh, and there’s a new VueConf speaker! Guillaume Chau

Release v2.3.0 JoJo's Bizarre Adventure · vuejs/vue
Release 0.9.0 vue-meteor
Guillaume Chau
Happy to announce that Guillaume Chau (@akryum), the author of vue-apollo and vue-meteor has joined VueConf as a new speaker!
Guillaume will talk about working with GraphQL and Apollo in a Vue.js app. I can’t be more excited! ⚡️
Official Vue.js Server-side Rendering Guide
Upgrading to Vue.js 2.3 ←
Vue.js Component Communication Patterns ←
Moving From Angular to Vue : A vuetiful journey – Hemant Rai
Phoenix and Vue.js Up and Running in Minutes
Let’s Build a Web App with Vue, Chart.js and an API Part II
GitHub - lookstudios/vue-loop
GitHub - wrseward/vue-unit
GitHub - rigor789/nativescript-vue
GitHub - presidenten/vuex-plus
GitHub - creotip/vue-particles
GitHub - paliari/v-autocomplete
Interactive Vue.js template compiler
uiGradients - Beautiful colored gradients
That’s all for this week.
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See you next week,
Damian Dulisz & Anna Konopka
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