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Vue.js Newsletter #37: Better editor support, vue-issue-helper, great articles and resources!

Hey! How are you doing? Last week was pretty great for Vue.js enthusiasts when it comes to DX: new We
March 21 · Issue #37 · View online
Vue.js News
How are you doing? Last week was pretty great for Vue.js enthusiasts when it comes to DX: new WebStorm release has better Vue.js support and there’s a great new VSCode plugin: Vetur. There is also lots of work getting done to make TypeScript support in Vue much better. 
And there’s a new release of the vue-devtools.
Important: If you need to create an issue on the Vue repository, please use the new Vue-Issue-Helper!
As always we have picked some nice articles and tutorials for you along with some really helpful libraries!

Vue Issue Helper
Release v3.1.0 · vuejs/vue-devtools · GitHub
⚡ Vue.js meetup in Bangalore at YourStoryCo
Support for Vue.js in WebStorm 2017.1
Release v0.4.0 · monterail/vuelidate · GitHub
How to build a reactive engine in JavaScript. Part 2: Computed properties | Monterail
Stripe with Vue.js – Thinking in Code
Role Based Authorization for your Vue.js and Nuxt.js Applications Using vue-kindergarten | JiriChara
Build a chat app in 20 minutes with Vue.js, PhoneGap and Framework7 - YouTube
How to Handle File Uploads in Vue 2 | Scotch
Learn Vuex by Building a Notes App | coligo
Senior Frontend Developer – DNL OmniMedia – Remote, USA
Front-End Developer – Pepper South East Asia – Sydney, Australia
GitHub - eggplanetio/gustavo
GitHub - octref/vetur
Bootstrap + Vue
GitHub - egoist/unvue
GitHub - znck/vue-keynote
GitHub - JiriChara/vue-kindergarten
GitHub - ducksoupdev/vue-webpack-typescript
GitHub - LucienLee/vue-data-grid
GitHub - adeptoas/sweet-modal-vue
GitHub - pablohpsilva/vuejs-component-style-guide
Slider Puzzle
That’s all for this week.
Also, since Krzysztof just became a father (congrats mate!), for the next few weeks his duties will be taken over by Anna Konopka!
Welcome on board!
Thanks for reading,
Damian Dulisz & Anna Konopka
with love from Monterail
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