Vue.js Newsletter #36: VueConf New Speakers! Great testing tutorials and more!

Hey folks!This week was really fruitful in terms of testing-related articles – make sure to check the
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Vue.js Newsletter
Hey folks!
This week was really fruitful in terms of testing-related articles – make sure to check them out. Sneak peak – the Vue.js core team is working hard on improving the testing story of Vue. Can’t wait for more official guides on this topic.
Also after the recent feedback, we decided to limit the number of mentioned libraries. That’s hard given how many interesting projects appear each week! If you think we missed something really great – let us know on Twitter!

All the early bird tickets that we prepared are already sold out. In just 5 days! The price for the regular tickets is €299 + VAT (€367,77). 
Do you know Nuxt.js? We’re happy to announce that Alexandre and Sebastien Chopin are joining VueConf as speakers! I’m already excited to learn more about server-side rendered Vue applications!
You can read more about them here: Speakers Page
Release v0.9.0 · vuetifyjs/vuetify · GitHub
A small change with big consequences or why did I start open-source.
How to unit test Vue components - Coding123
Mock Vuex in Vue unit tests - Coding123
Vue.js Unit Testing with Karma and Mocha ←
End-to-End Testing Vue.js Apps with TestCafe ←
Build a simple animation engine with Vue.js by Damian Dulisz
Provide/Inject in Vue 2.2 – Rahul Kadyan – Medium
Writing Vue.js Components with Flow ←
How to Create the VueConf Load Animation (While Learning About Vue.js and SVGs in the Process)
Freelancer for a Vue + Firebase – UX Themes AS – Remote
Senior Javascript Engineer – Legal One – Berlin, Germany
GitHub - jonaskuiler/vue-config-manager
GitHub - QingWei-Li/vue-trend
GitHub - Zulko/eagle.js
GitHub - azzra/vue-konami-code
GitHub - ccforward/vue-stores
VueJS Datagrid
GitHub - nicolasbeauvais/vue-add-to-calendar
GitHub - OYsun/VueStar
That’s all! Thanks for reading :)
See you next Wednesday,
Damian Dulisz & Krzysztof Jung
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