Vue.js Newsletter #34: New Vue v2.2.0 release, introducing, new jobs and resources!

Hey folks!Sorry for the one day delay from our usual schedule. :( The awesome service we’re using for
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Vue.js Newsletter
Hey folks!
Sorry for the one day delay from our usual schedule. :( The awesome service we’re using for creating and sending this newsletter (Revue) went down for several hours, probably related to yesterday’s problems with S3.
Anyway, have you already seen the release notes for Vue v2.2.0? There are some sweet features included so make sure to update it in your project. In addition to vue, make sure to also upgrade vue-template-compiler and vue-loader.
Also, there is a new e-learning website for Vue enthusiasts – Created by one of the Vue core team member @posva and the author of The Majesty of Vue.js – @hootlex. I’m pretty sure there will be some quality courses once they start! 

Release v2.2.0 · vuejs/vue · GitHub
Vue School starts!
How routing works in VueJS – Metta Ong – Medium
Who needs state management anyways? – Yaron – Medium
ArcGIS API 4 for JavaScript with vue-cli and Nuxt - YouTube
Bound Transitions in Vue.js – Tyrone Tudehope: Blog – Medium
Introduction to CSS Animations (With a Sprinkle of Vue.js)
Vue + JS Expert needed in California - Fiction Inc. Part-time - Remote - LA, USA
vue.js + vuex | Fixing our concept of interactive editor at Origamail - Freelance - Remote
Vue.JS/Frontend Developer - Nyx Software Systems - Freelance - Remote
Javascript Product Developer - Pugpig - Full-time - London, UK
GitHub - ktsn/vue-range-slider
GitHub - FrancescoSaverioZuppichini/drawIoToVuejs
GitHub - bkzl/vue-float-label
GitHub - fromAtoB/vue-stripe-elements
GitHub - Spikef/v-props
GitHub - bhoriuchi/vue-deepset
GitHub - MMF-FE/vue-svgicon
GitHub - kuix/v-svg-directive
GitHub - tecbeast42/autocomplete-vue
GitHub - haseebnqureshi/vuefactory
GitHub - lavyun/vue-simple-audio
GitHub - koumoul-dev/vue-openapi
GitHub - jrainlau/vue-occupy
GitHub - termosa/vue-uniq-ids
GitHub - c01nd01r/vue-bem-cn
GitHub - norbert989/vue-offcanvas-simple
NPM - vue-split-pane
That’s all for today!
Stay tuned for more news later this week. ;>
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