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Vue.js Newsletter #33: AMA with Evan You and other frameworks core team members, cool tutorials and resources

Hello there! I hope you had a great week! Do you already know This Dot Media? If not, I think you sho
February 21 · Issue #33 · View online
Vue.js News
Hello there!
I hope you had a great week! Do you already know This Dot Media? If not, I think you should check them out – among other things, they are organizing awesome online AMA with the leading developers from the most popular JavaScript libraries. Which means Evan You, from Vue.js has to be there.
You can watch two of the recent events below!
Additionally, there are cool new tutorials you should read.
Also, did you know that if you have vue-cli installed, you can use the command vue build <filename> to run js/vue files without doing any configuration?
Read the docs here!

State of Vue Jan '17 at This.JavaScript with Evan You
JS.Interactive 02/18 - Vue, React, Angular, RxJS, Polymer, Ember
A different point of Vue – Hacker Noon
Vue.js, Vuex, and Testing; an Introduction – Tyrone Tudehope: Blog
Composing D3 Visualizations With Vue.js – Tyrone Tudehope: Blog
WordPress, Vue and Chart.js – Jakub Juszczak
Building a JSON Tree View Component in Vue.js from Scratch in Six Steps
Image upload and validation using Laravel and VueJs
How we extended django CMS to create a single-page application
Vue.js 2 - Part 2: Setting Up Vue Devtools | Coders' Deck
Implement lazyloadImage in Vuejs – George Duan – Medium
Creating a Vue.js Component – Colin Fallon
Remote VueJS Developer - DistantJob - Freelance - Remote
Looking for Front-end Vue.js Developer - WebLab - Bar, Montenegro, Remote
Vue.js/JavaScript/Python Developer - Service Fusion - Full-time - TX, USA, Remote
NPM - vue-facebook-signin-button
GitHub - surveyjs/surveyjs
GitHub - egoist/vbuild
GitHub - ducksoupdev/vue-webpack-typescript
NPM - vue-orderby-mixin
GitHub - fandogh/nuxt-helpers
NPM - vuex-type-const-generator
NPM - vue-loader-subcomponent
GitHub - alessiomaffeis/vue-picture-input
GitHub - Wlada/vue-carousel-3d
GitHub - vouill/vue-geb
GitHub - khoanguyen96/vue-paypal-checkout
GitHub - Fuxy526/vue-snowf
GitHub - colinf/modal-vue
GitHub - jbaysolutions/vue-grid-layout
GitHub - egoist/eslint-config-vue-app
GitHub - callumacrae/vue-test
GitHub - ducksoupdev/vue-webpack-typescript
GitHub - vuejs/vue-ssr-html-stream
GitHub - LightmakerCanada/vuex-cognito-sync
GitHub - wotamann/vue-form-base
That’s all for this week!
Thank you very much for reading and see you next week with some ⚡️ special announcements! ⚡️
Damian Dulisz & Krzysztof Jung
with love from Monterail

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