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Vue.js Newsletter #29: Tons of new resources and articles. And a Unicorn. In SVG.

Hey folks! This week was really fruitful in terms of new articles and resources so make sure to check
January 24 · Issue #29 · View online
Vue.js News
Hey folks!
This week was really fruitful in terms of new articles and resources so make sure to check them out!
Remember Onsen UI? Their vue-onsenui library is getting closer to support Vue 2.0. Alpha version to be released soon! You can see the roadmap in the announcement post!
Also, if you happen to be in Paris tomorrow (25th Jan), make sure to go to the Vue.js Paris Meetup!

Vue.js Paris #6 | Meetup
Announcement: Status of Vue 2 migration and release schedule
My View on Vue – Bakani Pilime – Medium
VueJS: First Impressions – Hacker Noon
Where are JavaScript frameworks and libraries going in 2017? DebugMe Blog
Some things that are better in Vue than in React – srhise – Medium
Why we’re building DejaVue.js – Jon Jonathan Kim – Medium
Up and Running with Vue.js - via @codeship | via @codeship
Building a Realtime Chat App with Laravel 5.4 and VueJS - Joshua P. Larson
SPA authentication with Auth0 | Better world by better software
Using Vue.js in existing websites, the easy way – disjfa – Medium
Build a Vue.js Website in 4 Steps – Hacker Noon
Vue + Vuex — Getting started – Matt Bradford – Medium
Let’s Write Better Vuex Action With Vuex Saga – Bos Naufal – Medium
Getting Started With Vue.js 2.0 in 2017 (Video)
Vue.js 2.0 In 60 Minutes - YouTube
Vue.js tutorial - YouTube
Senior Front-end Developer at Clemenger BBDO | Melbourne, Australia
GitHub - MiCottOn/DejaVue
GitHub - Justineo/vue-echarts
GitHub - leonardovilarinho/vue-acl
GitHub - kevinongko/vue-instagram
GitHub - craigh411/vue-star-rating
GitHub - mbouclas/tinymce-vue-2
GitHub - achegedus/vuejs-paginator-axios
GitHub - flatanimals/vue-media-queries
GitHub - zont/vue-h-ajax
GitHub - QingWei-Li/vuetch
GitHub - InDIOS/vue-tsify
GitHub - NetanelBasal/vue-generate-component
NPM - vue-twentytwenty
NPM - vue-tabpanel
NPM - vue-fullstack
GitHub - eklem/norch-vuejs-app
GitHub - hparton/hyde
That’s all for this week! Thanks for reading.
See you next week,
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