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Vue.js Newsletter #28: What’s the of 2016? New Vue.js release and tons of new resources!

Hey!Have you heard of It’s a service where you can follow the hottest trends in the Ja
January 17 · Issue #28 · View online
Vue.js News

Have you heard of It’s a service where you can follow the hottest trends in the JavaScript world.
And hey, they just released the summary of the best things of 2016.
And the 2016 winner is… 🏆

You guessed it – it’s Vue.js
Also, if you’re working a lot with JSPM you might be interested in the series of tutorials about using Vue with jspm.
Don’t forget to check out all the new resources we found this week! There are some really neat ones! =)

2016 JavaScript Rising Stars
Release v2.1.9 · vuejs/vue · GitHub
Release v2.0.0-beta.1 · vuejs/vue-touch · GitHub
Learn Vue 2: Step By Step
Why Did I Choose to Learn Vue.js? – Jonathan Townsend – Medium
Integrating RxJS with Vue.js |
Vue.js 2 and Firebase | CodingTheSmartWay
Using Material Design with Vue.js 2 | CodingTheSmartWay
Using jspm, systemjs, and vuejs together | Vadosware
Unit testing with JSPM (SystemJS), Mocha and Vue.js | Vadosware
More testing with jspm Mocha and Vue.js | Vadosware
Front-End Engineer at Accordant Media | New York, USA
Vue.js Developer at Sliced Bread Animation | London, UK
GitHub - posva/vue-plugin-template
GitHub - ktsn/vuex-class
GitHub - BosNaufal/vuex-saga
GitHub - sdras/vue-sublime-snippets
GitHub - yamafaktory/shrimpit
GitHub - robinvdvleuten/vuex-persistedstate
GitHub - websanova/vue-auth
GitLab - MrMan / systemjs-plugin-vue-template-compiler
GitHub - apertureless/vue-password-strength-meter
GitHub - coderdiaz/vue-datasource
GitHub - Gomah/vue-places
GitHub - xlsdg/vue-echarts-v3
GitHub - ktsn/vue-comm
GitHub - xpepermint/vue-rawmodel
GitHub - shershen08/vue-lorem-ipsum
phanan/koel · GitHub
Thanks for reading! 
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See you next week,
Damian Dulisz & Krzysztof Jung
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