Vue.js Newsletter #27: AdoNuxt, Vue+Elixir tutorials and VueConf info!

Hey there!I hope you had a nice, warm week! Recently, I can see a lot of traction when it comes to in
January 10 - Issue #27
Hey there!
I hope you had a nice, warm week! Recently, I can see a lot of traction when it comes to integrating Vue with different backend services, with mostly Elixir and JavaScript frameworks. 
Personally, I’m really excited about Nuxt.js integration with Adonis.js called AdoNuxt, which is basically my favorite backend solution for Node.js. Isomorphic apps never were so easy! Just look at the awesome vue-cli template to get started!

There’s so much happening around the conference right now! We’re slowly processing the submitted talks (please have some patience!), because there are so many of them! 
We’re also moving forward with setting the details. Most of you suggested to have the conference in the second half of June and this is actually what we aim for.
We hope to start selling tickets early February.
Release v3.0.0 · vuejs/vue-devtools · GitHub
Release v2.0.0-beta.1 · vuejs/vue-touch · GitHub
Adonuxt – Adonis.js + Nuxt.js
Dealing With Templates in Vue.js 2.0 — Sebastian De Deyne
Chat web-app using Phoenix and Vue.js — Part 5 – Jesper Christiansen – Medium
Loopa-News: Realtime social news app developed from scratch with Phoenix, Vue and Vuex
Experienced Front-End Engineer | Digital H2O | Chicago, US
Write About Vue.js for a New Front-End Dev Website | | Remote
Vue Instant
GitHub - MetinSeylan/
Thanks for reading!
See you next week!
Damian Dulisz

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