Vue.js Newsletter #26: Vue in 2016 summary, Weex example app, MadeWithVueJS and more!

Fellow Vuers, welcome to 2017!Have you already read the Vue in 2016 article? The trend comparison loo
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Vue.js Newsletter
Fellow Vuers, welcome to 2017!
Have you already read the Vue in 2016 article? The trend comparison looks incredibly optimistic and I have a strong feeling that this year will be even better!
You probably already heard about Weex, right? The React-native equivalent for Vue.js. Did you know that it already uses Vue 2.x under the hood? That’s actually a huge step forward. Next are the revamped docs and generally improving the developer experience.
Make sure to check out the weex-hackernews example app!

Release v2.1.8 · vuejs/vue · GitHub
GitHub - weexteam/weex-hackernews
Release v0.12.0 · quasarframework/quasar · GitHub
Vue in 2016 – The Vue Point – Medium
Senior Frontend Engineer - fromAtoB - Berlin, Germany
Vue.js Enthusiast - Hypefactors - Copenhagen, Denmark
Part-Time Full Stack Developer - BluntAndSnakes - Luxembourg / Remote
Part-Time Full Stack Laravel/Vue.js developer - 64 Robots – Baltimore, US / Remote
Développeur Full Stack Vue.JS/Node.JS Rennes, France - Nanocode - Rennes, France
Everything made with vue.js
Parallax Depth Cards
GitHub - ktsn/vue-template-loader: Vue.js 2.0 template loader for webpack
GitHub - znck/rollup-plugin-vue: Roll .vue files
GitHub - SSENSE/vue-carousel
GitHub - klummy/VueLinkPopover
GitHub - danmindru/vue2-codemirror-lite-js
GitHub - Roeefl/vue-github-corners
GitHub - jbaysolutions/vue-grid-layout
GitHub - BosNaufal/vue2-scrollbar
GitHub - DotNetAge/vue-easy-pie-chart
GitHub - DotNetAge/vue-nvd3
GitHub - cngu/vue-typer
GitHub - dwqs/vue-toast
GitHub - BosNaufal/vue-autocomplete
NPM - vue-ckeditor
Thanks for reading!
Have a great 2017! See you next week!

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