Vue.js Newsletter #23: TypeScript support, Nuxt.js 0.9.1 released and more!

Hello! Do you happen to be a TypeScript enthusiast? Then you should definitely check the new official
December 20 - Issue #23
Do you happen to be a TypeScript enthusiast? Then you should definitely check the new official guide for TypeScript support! Along with the vue-class-component.
In case you missed it – Nuxt.js just hit the 0.9.1 version and now also supports route transitions.
I really like where this is going! Smoothly… (pun intended)
Also, Vuelidate just reached v0.2.0 with the much awaited async validators support. Really proud to see it pass the 400 GitHub stars threshold.
Oh and one more thing – expect the unexpected! :)

TypeScript Support - vue.js
Nuxt.js - Introduction
Nuxt.js v0.9.0 released – transitions, route validations and more!
Vuelidate v0.2.0 published – Async Validators support!
Nuxt.js - Introduction
Composing D3 Visualizations With Vue.js
Electron + Vue.js – Kirsten Swanson – Medium
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GitHub - noru/vue-resource-mock
GitHub - apertureless/vue-parallax
GitHub - balmjs/ui-vue
GitHub - dabernathy89/vue-query-builder
GitHub - xpepermint/vue-contextable
NPM - vue-svg-icon
NPM - vue-at
NPM - vue-number-picker
NPM - vue-linkify
NPM - vue-input-pack
That’s all for today. As always, thanks for reading!
Stay tuned!

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