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Vue.js Newsletter #19: Vue.js v2.1 released, new features, scoped slots, v-bind filters and more!

Hey folks!I hope it was worth waiting for today’s issue – the 2.1 release notes of Vue.js just hit Gi
November 22 · Issue #19 · View online
Vue.js News
Hey folks!

I hope it was worth waiting for today’s issue – the 2.1 release notes of Vue.js just hit GitHub. Pure vuesomeness, I tell you! 
I bet scoped slots will become an instant hit feature – just read the spec and imagine the possibilities for reusable components! The vue-loader also got an update, which, I believe, will lead to even more cool tools in the vue-ecosystem and no longer limit us to template, script and style blocks.
Anyway, you can read the release notes for more details. 
No worries – no breaking changes included. :)

Also, heard about Nuxt.js? It’s pretty great! Make sure to check it out!

Release v2.1.0 · vuejs/vue · GitHub
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That’s all for today!
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Thanks for reading. See you next week!
Damian Dulisz & Krzysztof Jung
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