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Vue.js Newsletter #16: The Ghost Train, OnsenUI to officially support Vue 2.0, Should beginners skip learning jQuery in favor of Vue?

Hello!We hope you’re well! Great news – OnsenUI will soon fully support Vue 2.0! Also an interesting
November 1 · Issue #16 · View online
Vue.js News

We hope you’re well! 
Great news – OnsenUI will soon fully support Vue 2.0! 
Also an interesting question: Should beginners skip learning jQuery in favor of Vue.js?
BTW Have you made anything spooky for Halloween? The folks at Realise certainly have! 
But before you jump to the special something at the end of the issue, make sure you read all the great resources we have prepared for you this week.

Announcement: Onsen UI with Vue 2 will soon be possible!
Vue.js is easier to learn than jQuery | JS Dojo, Medium
Drop jQuery from your Bootstrap project and replace it with Vue.js | JS Dojo, Medium
Love at first Vue | Medium
Why Vue.js? | DebugMe Blog
Building web apps with Vue.js | Medium
Pagination Component using Vue 2.0 | Fareez
Vue-router page loading effect | Medium
Vue.js Rockstar at Blocklevel | Hilversum, Netherlands
Software Engineer at Samsung | Mountain View California, US
Full Stack Developer at Purposebuilt Software | Remote
@VuejsJob joined the Vue’s patrons list! How cool is that?
– Have you noticed the Jobs link inside the Community dropdown on page? It leads to the following service. Check it out!
GitHub - icai/vue2-calendar
GitHub - ianaya89/generator-vue-component
GitHub - icebob/vue-touch-keyboard: Virtual keyboard component for Vue.js. Designed to Raspberry Pi Touch Display
GitHub - Agontuk/babel-plugin-vue-jsx-hot-reload
GitBook - Vue.js Cheatsheet
Halloween special
Halloween Feature! Building Ghost Train Builder – A-Frame
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