Vue.js Newsletter #13

Hey folks! Check out the 13th issue of Vue.js Newsletter! As always, we present you with some fresh a
October 11 - Issue #13
Hey folks! 
Check out the 13th issue of Vue.js Newsletter! 
As always, we present you with some fresh articles and tutorials, but this time we have a tremendous list of wonderful resources for all your project needs!

This time we have a wonderful series by JS Dojo titled “What’s New in Vue.js 2.0” - You can either read articles or watch videos!
What’s New in Vue.js 2.0 — Server-Side Rendering
What’s New in Vue.js 2.0 - Virtual DOM
What’s New in Vue.js 2.0— Transitions
JS Dojo videos | YouTube
VueJS Subnet Calculator - Vegibit
GitHub - fundon/vue-admin
GitHub - locoslab/vue-jest-utils
GitHub - asika32764/vue2-animate
GitHub - egoist/vue-windows
GitHub - egoist/vue-play
GitHub - danmademe/express-vue
GitHub - Ansien12/vue2-typescript2-example
GitHub - valterlorran/vuejs-localization
GitHub - KoRiGaN/Vue2Leaflet
GitHub - ropbla9/vue-reactivestorage
That’s all for today. See you next week!

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