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Vue.js News #90: Say hello to VuePress – the Vue-powered static site generator! First batch of VueConf US videos published!

Hi! Great news – Evan You has just launched VuePress! As the name might suggest, it’s a tool focused
April 18 · Issue #90 · View online
Vue.js News
Great news – Evan You has just launched VuePress! As the name might suggest, it’s a tool focused on publishing content. Similar to Gatsby and Jekyll it’s a markdown powered static site generator. But here’s the twist – once loaded it becomes an SPA.
It might help you start your own blog or build a neat documentation for your project. It comes built-in with Vue-powered custom theme system, markdown extensions, the possibility to use Vue components inside markdown files, as well as PWA support and Google Analytics integration.
SEO friendly out of the box!
— Damian Dulisz

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VuePress – The Vue-powered Static Site Generator
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