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Vue.js News #89: Vue-cli 3.x Sneak Peek, New Vue.js docs update, How to use render props and scoped-slots together and more!

April 11 · Issue #89 · View online
Vue.js News
Last week, you might have seen a pretty viral tweet by Guillaume Chau giving a sneak peek of a project he’s been working on recently. For those of you wondering what exactly is it gonna be – that’s the new interface for Vue-cli 3.x.
Here is a comment by Guillaume about the incoming changes to the Vue-cli:
Vue-cli 3.x is a complete rewrite, with a lot of new awesome features. You will be able to select features like routing, Vuex or Typescript, then add and upgrade building blocks called “vue-cli plugins”. But having so much more options also means the tool is now more complex and harder to start using. That’s why we thought having a full-blown GUI would help discover the new features, search and install vue-cli plugins and unlock more possibilities overall while not being limited by a terminal interface. To sum up, vue-cli will not only allow you to bootstrap a new project easily, but it will also remain useful for ongoing work afterwards!
— Guillaume Chau
Starting new projects with Vue-cli 3.x
Truth be told, I’m not sure if this can be called a CLI tool anymore. 🤔
— Damian Dulisz
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