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#194: 🎉 Vue.js v3.1 "Pluto" Released! 🎉 New UI frameworks for Vue 3.0; Videos from 2021

June 14 · Issue #194 · View online
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Hey there,
🐶 Great news – Vue v3.1 “Pluto” has been released! It comes with several performance improvements, minor breaking changes (no worries, those most likely don’t affect you), and lots of bug fixes!
There are also some additional, experimental features like CSS variable injection and “experimental setup”. You can read more about those features (and other changes in v3.1) here.
But likely the most important part is that the migration build is now stable. The migration build is a build of Vue 3 that runs in a backward compatibility mode mimicking Vue 2.x APIs. This allows you to replace Vue 2 while still keeping most of your code untouched. The migration guide has also been updated. Check it out!
Another great news – the Vue-Devtools will now support Vue apps running in an iframe!
As Vue 3 is getting more mature, the need fore UI component libraries raises. Here are some new contenders:
Finally, the recordings from are now available! Here are my favorites:

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Release v3.1.0 Pluto · vuejs/vue-next · GitHub Release v3.1.0 Pluto · vuejs/vue-next · GitHub
Guide to using the Vue v3.1 Migration Build
Guillaume Chau 💚 RIP IE
Small update to @vuejs devtools to add iframe support to Vue 2 apps

Download for Firefox:

Download for Chrome:
VueConf US 2021 | Vue Mastery
Introducing Nuxt Image ✨

✂️ Resize and transform
🚀 Made for performance
☑️ Standards compliant
🌈 Works with any image provider
👀 And much more...
Introducing VueUse v5.0 🎉

🧊 Renderless Components
⚛️ Electron Add-on
🔨 VueUse Playground

🧾 v5.0 Release Notes
HasuraCon’21: Building Applications with GraphQL and VueJS
Vue - The Road To Enterprise - SUMMER SALE
Vue - The Road To Enterprise - SUMMER SALE
Vue - The Road To Enterprise - SUMMER SALE
What’s new in Vue 3.1? – Cédric Exbrayat
Vue vs Svelte: Comparing Framework Internals – Andy Li
Refactoring to Vue 3 – Francisco Brusa
Debugging Guide: Why Your Vue Component Isn't Updating (and how to fix it) - Michael Thiessen
Pinia, an Alternative Vue.js Store – Daniel Kelly
SEO and Performance Optimisation with Nuxt Image – Thomas Findlay
Creating an internationalised site with Strapi and Nuxt – Gemma
Mobile Detection With Nuxt SSR – Josh Deltener
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Vue.js Amsterdam
Vue – The Road To Enterprise
Vue – The Road To Enterprise
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