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#193: Vue.js 3.1.0-beta Migration Build now available! Vue Devtools new beta supports Vue 2.x and more!

May 10 · Issue #193 · View online
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Hi everyone,
Great news! Vue v3.1.0-beta has been released with a set of new features and bug fixes, including the onServerPrefetch lifecycle hook!
But that’s not all, because v3.1 comes with the thing we all have been looking forward to for months. The Vue 2 to 3 Migration Build! It allows you to run Vue 3 and the SFC compiler in a backward-compatible mode so you can work through the deprecations/breaking-changes 1 by 1, instead of having to rewrite the whole app at once.
If you are wondering how viable it is in a real-life, production application – I’ve tried it on a pretty large one (1k+ components) and managed to make it run and be partially functional within less than 2 hours. I’m convinced that I should be able to fully stabilize it within a few days. Wish me luck! 🤞
Also, the new beta for Vue-Devtools v6 now supports Vue 2.x. No need to toggle different extension versions when switching projects.
By the way, did you know that Vue was used in the mission during the Mars 2020 Helicopter mission? Well, now you do! And if you contributed, you should have a fancy badge on GitHub.
Lastly, my favorite WYSIWYG editor – tiptap – is now supporting Vue 3 with their new v2.0 beta release. Now rewritten in TypeScript.
Have a great week,

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3.1.0-beta (which includes the migration build) is out.


Migration build docs:
Guillaume Chau 🏠 Stay home
✨️ @vuejs devtools 6 beta 8 released! ✨️

- Vue 2 support!
- Plugin permissions
- New API methods
- Component persistent selection

Download for Firefox:

Download for Chrome:

Read more:
tiptap – the headless WYSIWYG editor now supports Vue 3.0
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