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#191: State of Vue 2021, Vite v2 released; Vuex 5 RFC; Vuetify for Vue 3 in alpha and more!

March 7 · Issue #191 · View online
Vue.js News
Welcome back!
Those last 3 weeks have been truly crazy! First of all, Evan’s State of Vuenion 2021 talk at Vue.js Amsterdam where he is covering the recent developments in the Vue ecosystem. How Vue is doing (like NASA using it to drive their mission control system), new releases, and future plans! The recording ends with the announcement and highlights from Monterail’s annual State of Vue report, which you can download here.
Vite – the frontend build tool everyone is crazy about has hit v2. It is a big milestone for the project as it is no longer limited to Vue only (though I would recommend using it for Vue projects starting now).
Next – Vuex 5. Wait, what? Five? Hasn’t version 4 been released just recently? Yes, it was, but it was a mostly backward-compatible port of Vuex 3 dedicated to Vue 3.0.
Version 5 on the other hand is a completely new state management library. Although it still keeps some ideas from the Vuex you know (and the name), it presents a new approach to state management. Why? The Vuex team has learned a lot from the limitations and pain-points of the current implementation and decided it is time to move forward with new ideas. Make sure to read the RFC and join the discussion.
Read the stories below for more news regarding i18n, Vuetify, Nuxt, and the upcoming (free!) conference happening on April 14th!
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PREMIERE of Evan You State of the Vuenion and Panel Discussion at Vuejs Amsterdam 2021
State of Vue.js: 2021 Report – Monterail
Announcing Vite 2.0 - Evan You
Vuex 5 RFC: Read the proposed new architecture for Vuex 5 and join the discussion! – Kia King Ishii
Announcing Vue I18n 9.0 – Kazuya Kawaguchi
Nuxt v2.15 is out ✨

▵ Yarn Plug and Play Support
▵ Opting-in to PostCSS 8
▵ Enhanced Components Discovery
▵ New require engine with TypeScript support
▵ 25 Bug Fixes
We are excited to announce the speakers for #vueconfus 2021. Its FREE and there is SWAG 👕
💚Hosted by Evan You
💚Live Video and Chat Q&A with speakers 🙋‍♀️
💚Attendee ⚡️ Talks
💚Live DJ 🎵
💚Virtual Party 🥳
💚Workshops (tba)

April 14
virtual. vue. love.
⚡ The Vuetify 3 alpha has arrived! This release includes multiple updated components, the new theme, layout, and icon systems, and more! Additional information is in the release notes:
Storybook for Vue 3 – Michael Shilman
Conference Video Portal - Vuejs Amsterdam
Vue - The Road To Enterprise
Vue - The Road To Enterprise
Vue - The Road To Enterprise
Building large projects with Vue, Vite and Lerna - Tomasz Waraksa
Oruga: the new kid on the block - Andrea Stagi
The Benefits of the New Vue 3 App Initialization Code – Mikhail Kuznetsov
Vue Enterprise Patterns - How to Build Components With Design System Variants And Share Variant Styles Using Variant Style Provider – Thomas Findlay
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Vuejs Amsterdam
Vuejs Amsterdam
Vue – The Road To Enterprise
Vue – The Road To Enterprise
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