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#189: Reflections for 2020-2021; Vue-Storefront raises $1.5M; Element UI for Vue 3.0 and more!

January 24 · Issue #189 · View online
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Hey there!
Welcome, to the first issue of 2021!
The Vue.js blog has been reactivated and can be found at There’s a new article posted – Reflections for 2020-2021. In there, Evan You is sharing some of the thoughts and team-wide plans for 2021. Definitely give it a read!
Vue-Storefront, a popular open-source project aimed at eCommerce has just raised $1.5M in the seed round. Congratulations to everyone involved! 🎉
Also, Element UI – one of the most popular component libraries for Vue – now has a Vue 3.0 version called Element Plus. You can read the announcement here. Check out the docs for the migration guide. And if you’d like to get started with it alongside Vite – there’s even an element-plus-vite-starter!
Speaking of Vue 3.0 libraries – have you heard of VueUse? The project, which started as a small collection of useful composables has grown by a lot! Just check out the list of available functions. They also just recently created a GitHub organization to host several useful libraries and projects like Vue-Demi.
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Reflections for 2020-2021 – Evan You
Anthony Fu
VueUse is now an organization on GitHub! 🎉

We are honored to have @vueuse/head by @_egoistlily and @vueuse/sound by @yaeeelglx joined us!

Projects like vue-demi made from VueUse are also part of the org as its ecosystem now.

Check them out 👇🏼
Vue Storefront raises $1.5M to turn the fastest growing open source eCommerce project into a business – Kaja Grzybowska
🎉 Element UI for Vue 3.0 is coming! – iamkun
Quasar v2 with Vue 3 roadmap – Razvan Stoenescu
Vuejs Amsterdam 2021 Tickets Vuejs Amsterdam 2021 Tickets
Vite 2, a DX jump into the future – Matias Capeletto
Caching Vue Refs - Abdelrahman Awad
Events and Callbacks: Parent/Child Component Communication in Vue - Markus Oberlehner
Deep dive into the new – Ghislain Flandin
How to use Nuxt components inside Storyblok Rich-Text editor - Florent Giraud
How to drastically reduce your bundle size and load time in Vue.js – Karlo Majer
Creating Redirects With Nuxt – Josh Deltener
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VueUse | Docs
GitHub - element-plus/element-plus
GitHub - jameswylie/vue-email-autocomplete
GitHub - vueuse/vue-chemistry
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