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#187: The Vue.js Newsletter is back! 🎉





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December 13 · Issue #187 · View online
Vue.js News
Hey there,
it’s been a while… Did you miss the newsletter? I hope you did actually! I’m sorry for the unexpected break. And trust me, getting myself to send this issue, was harder with every week that passed. 2020 has been pretty rough for all of us… I hope you’re all doing OK and let’s hope 2021 will be better.
That’s why I’m happy to announce I’m now planning to continue sending out the newsletter on a bi-weekly basis! 🎉
I would like to thank all my sponsors (especially Storyblok and Vue Mastery!) for keeping up with me despite the newsletter-related inactivity. I’d also want to welcome a new sponsor – Vue.js Amsterdam. Thank you all for your trust and support! 💚
As for the news! Vue-Router just hit the v4.0 stable release! 🎉
Additionally, as every year, Monterail is working on the State of Vue.js survey and needs your contribution! The State of JS survey is also open so let’s make sure the world knows about Vue.js and how awesome it is!
Thanks for reading! So glad to be back!
P.S. The newsletter was supposed to ship last week but then this little guy happened. 🍱🐕

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State of Vue.js 2021
State of Vue.js 2021
State of Vue.js 2021 – The Survey
Release 0.31.0 · vuejs/vetur · GitHub
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🙌 Looking for some motivation for continuing working on VueDX/TS Plugin 💖
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Non-reactive Objects in Vue Composition API - Abdelrahman Awad
Renderless Dialogs (Alert, Confirm, and Prompt) in Vue – Daniel Kelly
Automatic Dependency Injection in Vue with Context Providers - Markus Oberlehner
Automatically import SASS/SCSS into every Vue.js component – Austin Gil
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Vue.js Amsterdam
Vue.js Amsterdam
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GitHub - znck/vue-developer-experience
GitHub - privatenumber/vue-2-3
FormVueLate 2.x
Vue NodeGui
Villus – GraphQL client for Vue.js
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