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By Damian Dulisz

#185: Vue-CLI v4.5.0 ships with built-in Vue 3.0 support; Nuxt v2.14 released; VueConf Toronto announced!





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August 22 · Issue #185 · View online
Vue.js News
Hello Vuers,
with the newly released Vue-CLI v4.5.x, the CLI supports Vue 3.0 projects out of the box, without the need for the vue-cli-plugin-vue-next plugin. The author of the release – Haoqun Jiang – has started his GitHub Sponsors page. If you depend on Vue-CLI and other tooling that he’s building, consider sponsoring him!
Nuxt.js v2.14 has been released! It comes with multiple improvements to the static sites generation process. You can read about it more in this in-depth article. Thanks to smart usage of cache among other things „The static site generation of our projects on content changes are now ~3.6x times faster 🚀” – as the authors say.
🍁 Also, the VueConf Toronto conference is back and you are all invited!
It’s an online conference and completely FREE! Register here and mark your calendars on November 4-6, 2020!
The call for papers is also open till September 30, 2020.
— Damian Dulisz

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yarn global add @vue/cli@next
vue create hello-vue-3
Sponsor @sodatea on GitHub Sponsors · GitHub
Nuxt 2.14 is out with a BIG improvement for static site generation 🚀

From now on, `nuxt generate` smartly knows when to re-build your project.

And it's working out of the box on @Netlify, @vercel and any CI supporting node_modules caching ✨

Release v1.5.0 · nuxt/content · GitHub
Release v3.0.0 · nuxt-community/pwa-module · GitHub
VueConf Toronto | 4-6 November 2020 - Online Conference VueConf Toronto | 4-6 November 2020 - Online Conference
Tight Coupling vs. Loose Coupling in Vue.js - Markus Oberlehner
Build better higher-order components with Vue 3 - Abdelrahman Awad
How to Emit Data from a Slot - Michael Thiessen
Handling Asynchrony in Vue 3 / Composition API — Part 1: Managing Async state – Martin Malinda
Creating UI components based on a Design System in Vue.js – Alex Jover Morales
Writing a vite plugin – Andrew Walker
Code Coverage for Vue Applications - Gleb Bahmutov
Mastering Browser Cache - Filip Rakowski
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VeeValidate v4 Alpha Docs
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