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#182: Quasar.Conf coming online on July 5th; The process of rewriting Vue.js;





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June 15 · Issue #182 · View online
Vue.js News
Hi there,
I’m back with some interesting news for you!
Are you interested in Quasar? If yes, there’s an online Quasar.Conf coming on July, 5th. You can still submit your lightning talks if you would like to present something related to either Vue or Quasar.
If you happen to use the Composition-API plugin, make sure to be careful with the update to the recently released v0.6.0. It slightly changes the behavior of watch to align better with the Vue 3.0 implementation.
Speaking of Vue 3 – there’s a great story written by Evan You about the design decision and process of rewriting the whole library. Make sure to check it out!
Stay safe,

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Release v0.6.0 · vuejs/composition-api
Redesign the position object returned by `scrollBehavior` by posva · vuejs/rfcs
Introducing Quasar.Conf - Scott Molinari Introducing Quasar.Conf - Scott Molinari
Quasar v1.12.0 released! Lots of new features and improvements – Quasar Framework Community
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The process: Making Vue 3 – Increment: Frontend – Evan You The process: Making Vue 3 – Increment: Frontend – Evan You
Vetur: status quo, development, sponsorship and direction – Pine Wu
Understanding Reactivity in Vue 3.0 – Jinjiang
Context and Provider Pattern with the Vue 3 Composition API – Markus Oberlehner
Writing a Vue component using TDD: a gentle introduction – Andrea Stagi
Separating Core Logic and Framework Integrations – Lachlan Miller
How to test custom prop validators in Vue.js - Rolf Haug
Going dark with Nuxt.js color mode – Debbie O'Brien
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GitHub - ElMassimo/vuex-stores
Release v4.0.0 · ktquez/vue-disqus
GitHub - blacksonic/vue-3-playground
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