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#181: 📓 Big News from Nuxt.js – Introducing the Content and Components modules 🎉





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May 24 · Issue #181 · View online
Vue.js News
Hi there,
we’ve just had some incredibly exciting 2 weeks in the Nuxt.js world! First the Nuxt team released the components module, which allows you to skip importing Vue components manually as they will be automatically located and imported for you when you use them. With support for lazy-loading!
Just a few days later however, the team also released another module called content. It allows you to use local files (Markdown, JSON, YAML etc.) as a Git-based CMS. You can be familiar with this approach if you used VuePress or Gridsome. Of course, you can use Vue components inside your Markdown files. Make sure to check the docs!

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First appearing on @thoughtworks' Tech Radar under "Assess" in 2016, Vue has advanced to "Adopt" in its 2020 edition - the journey continues!
Introduction - Nuxt Content Introduction - Nuxt Content
Introducing @nuxt/components

No need to import your components anymore 🎩

✅ Scan and auto import components
✅ Multiple paths with customisable prefixes and patterns
✅ Lazy loading support
✅ Hot replacement
✅ Support for library authors
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