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#179: 🎉 Vue.js v3.0-beta released! Check out the new State of Vue update from Evan You; Great things for TS users coming in Vue 3.0!

April 19 · Issue #179 · View online
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Hello friends,
long time no see. Sorry about that. Have you been missing the newsletter? I sure hope you did since…
I’ve got some exciting news for you! Vue v3.0-beta has been released! This brings us yet another step closer to the final release. There’s also a presentation from Evan You that will walk you through the next steps.
There’s also a small update to Vuex – v3.2.0. It comes with an utility hasModule function that allows you to check if a module is already registered.
Also thanks to some recent work by Rahul Kadyan, we’re getting closer to a much improved TypeScript experience for Vue 3.0 which also includes templates! It might also support smart refactoring (check out the short video in the link)!
Stay safe,

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We just released Vue 3.0.0-beta.1! Here's an overview from @youyuxi on the status of 3.0 core and official tools & libraries:
Vue.js 3.0-beta – State of Vue Apr 16, 2020 – Evan You Vue.js 3.0-beta – State of Vue Apr 16, 2020 – Evan You
Release v3.2.0 · vuejs/vuex · GitHub
Blake Newman
This is huge! For @typescript users this is so exciting.

Firstly the support of typed templates 😍
Secondly this uses the new underlying plugin API in Typescript to make Vue files be treated as modules, which will hugely simplify our ecosystem of tools as this matures!

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