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#178: Wikimedia adopting Vue! 🎉 New Vue online meetup initiatives and more videos from and Vue.js Amsterdam

March 29 · Issue #178 · View online
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Do you know this website called Wikipedia? Where you can read about things? Like an online encyclopedia of sorts, but everyone can contribute? 🙃 It’s maintained by the good people from Wikimedia as well as volunteers and a few days ago the decision has been made for Wikimedia to adopt Vue! Does it mean Wikipedia will now become a Vue SPA – 99,9% not! But it means some parts of Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects might be using Vue to enhance some of the more complicated, interactive elements. Like the page editor for example. If you’ve been wondering why Vue is called the “progressive framework” this use-case explains it pretty well I think.
As most conferences and meetups get canceled due to the pandemic, many organisers are embracing online events. You can watch the #1 Vue.js Amsterdam Virtual Meetup here. Additionally, a new initiative has been born, largely thanks to Maria Lamardo in the form of Vue Global Meetup that aims to help collaborate different Vue communities around the world to broadcast online meetups. The first of such will happen on the 14th of April. Sign up here if you would like to participate!
Speaking of events – there are several new videos from Vue.js Amsterdam! Vue Mastery has also started publishing talks from the recent
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Evan You
So... the cat is out of the bag: Wikimedia is adopting Vue.

HN has been bitter as usual, but before you jump to a conclusion:
Vue Global Meetup, Tue, Apr 14, 2020 at 5:00 PM
Enjoy the Vue
Our first multi-guest episode is live! 🎉 It features @_JessicaSachs & @Lachlan19900 in a great discussion around testing in Vue.js!

🎙️Episode 9: "What to Expect when You're expect()-ing"


P.S. Credit for the brilliant title goes to @_JessicaSachs
@quasar/app v1.7.0 released! New build mode: "bex" – Quasar Framework
New Async Component API by yyx990803 · vuejs/rfcs · Vue 3.0
How the Vue Composition API Replaces Vue Mixins – Anthony Gore – CSS-Tricks
Redesigning Navigation failures and global handlers by posva · vuejs/rfcs · Vue-Router
Vue 3.0 Changes for @Component decorator and Vue base class · vuejs/vue-class-component
New Releases
Release v0.5.0 · vuejs/composition-api · GitHub
Conference & Meetup Videos
VueConf US 2020 – Vue Mastery
What to do when Vue hydration fails – Alexander Lichter
Vue.js Amsterdam Virtual Meetup #1
Vue.js Amsterdam 2020 - YouTube
Vue.js Headless Component - Frederik Dietz
Vue.js Functional Components - Frederik Dietz
Cut Your Nuxt.js generate Build Time in Half with context.payload - Markus Oberlehner Cut Your Nuxt.js generate Build Time in Half with context.payload - Markus Oberlehner
Vue.js and dialogs - Matthias Hryniszak
Build A Drawing App with Vuejs and Html5 Canvas - Wisdom Ekpot
How Storefront UI solves website accessibility issues with custom directives - Anna Musiał
Understanding Vue's Deep CSS Selector — Marina Mosti
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