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#177: Updated Vue.js Roadmap; Vuex v4.0.0-alpha.1 has been released; Kia King Ishii join the core team; Nuxt v2.12 released; Videos from Vue.js Amsterdam 2020 are here!

March 18 · Issue #177 · View online
Vue.js News
Hi there,
it’s been a while since the last issue and I’m terribly sorry about that. The last few weeks have been really high on anxiety with all that’s been going on right now in the world. I hope you are all safe and healthy! 💚
There are some good news though! First of all, lets congratulate Kia King Ishii on joining the Vue.js core team! 🎉 He has been doing an incredible job building vuex-orm and will now focus on working on the next versions of Vuex.
Speaking of which – Vuex v4.0.0-alpha.1 has just been released! This is the version of Vuex that will work with Vue 3.0 but keep the familiar API you know from the current version.
Wait, there’s more – Nuxt.js v2.12 is here! Among multiple changes it introduces a new fetch hook that allows you to fetch asynchronous data during SSR in any component that is being rendered (not just /pages components). 🔥 To sweeten it up, the Nuxt team also added support for TypeScript in create-nuxt-app v2.15!
Finally something to keep you busy during the likely extended stay at home: Vue.js Amsterdam have released almost 30 talks from the recent conference. You can watch the talks here with new ones added every other day.
And tomorrow (March 19) – you can join an online meetup with Chris Fritz and Rahul Kadyan organised by This Dot: Media.
Stay safe and see you next week!

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Vue.js – Updated Roadmap
Kia King Ishii
Vuex 4.0 branch has opened, and 4.0.0-alpha.1 is released! 🌟 This is the Vue 3 compatible version of Vuex. It has the exact same API with Vuex 3, except for the installation process. Please provide us feedback if you find anything 🙌
Kia King Ishii
It's a huge honour. I'm now officially a member of Vue.js Core Team 🤘

I'll be focusing on Vuex. And of course, it's very helpful for Vuex ORM as well! I'll give my best to bring some good stuff to the whole Vuex ecosystem! 🚀
Change active and exact-active behavior for router-link by posva · Pull Request #136 · vuejs/rfcs · GitHub
Nuxt v2.12 is out ✨

‣ New fetch()
‣ Better programmatic usage
‣ Expose Webpack config
‣ Hot reload for serverMiddleware
‣ DX improvements and bug fixes
Episode #6: May the Forms be with You (feat. Marina Mosti) – Enjoy The Vue
This Dot: Online Vue Meetups
Vue.js Amsterdam 2020 Conference Talks
Vue.js 3 Course - Composition API, TypeScript, Testing – Lachlan Miller
Building a Reusable Pagination Component in Vue.js – Jeffrey Biles
How to Build Vue Components in a WordPress Theme – Jonathan Land
Howto Add TypeScript to Your Existing Vue Project – Ville Säävuori
Vue 3 Reactivity - Learn Composition Functions API – Divya Tagtachian
Deep vs Shallow Rendering in Vue.js Tests – VueDose #32
Deep dive into Vue state management - Filip Rakowski
Stateful Styles With Tailwind and Vue - Shayne O'Sullivan
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