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#154: The Vue Function-based Component API RFC is back, now known as the Composition API 🎉 Nuxt.js v2.9.0 is out! Introducing NuxtPress and more!

August 21 · Issue #154 · View online
Vue.js News
Here I got some amazing news for you!
Remember the Function-based Component API proposal? After a long discussion and the feedback we collected from the community, it ended up rejected, but is now back, in a fully reworked form and is known as the Composition API. The new name suits it perfectly. You can read more about the proposed changes here. No breaking changes, no need to rewrite anything. Keep in mind this is still an RFC, which means your feedback is more than welcome.
There’s even a separate VuePress page with docs on how the Composition API would work, that I highly recommend you to read.
Also, Nuxt.js has just hit the 2.9.0 version with several new features and bug fixes. Most notably TypeScript users get a set of 3 modules to hugely improve the developer experience. You can read more about it in the dedicated docs for Nuxt TypeScript.
That’s not all. If you’ve been looking for a static page generator to build your blog and for some reason you were not satisfied with either Gridsome or VuePress and building it from scratch with Nuxt seemed like a lot of work – don’t worry. Jonas Galvez from the Nuxt.js team has just released NuxtPress! There’s even a backstory to it. Great work!

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Composition API (revised from Function-based Component API) – vuejs/rfcs · GitHub
Nuxt v2.9.0 is out 🥳
- Typescript support now externalised (
- Vue Meta upgraded to v2.0
- 10+ bug fixes 🐞
- 10+ new features 🚀
Introducing NuxtPress 📗 Introducing NuxtPress 📗
Vue.js London
We are super excited to announce the first @vuejs OS Awards ceremony.

We have five categories to celebrate the awesome work and achievements within the Vue.js Open Source Ecosystem.

Nominate projects @

#code #create #communicate
Vue.js UI/UX Framework - Inkline
How to load dynamic images in Vue and Nuxt with ease – Alexander Lichter
Vue.js Router Performance - Filip Rakowski
Vue.js for Angular Developers - Bilal Haidar
What I Like About Vue - Dave Rupert
GitHub - cfjedimaster/vue-demos
GitHub - madlabsinc/mevn-cli
GitHub - johnsusek/vue-test-declarative:
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