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#147: Vue Function API discussion, VueAndWine workshosp and VueCamp!

Welcome back, If you are still worried about the recent function API RFC – please don’t! We heard you
July 3 · Issue #147 · View online
Vue.js News
Welcome back,
If you are still worried about the recent function API RFC – please don’t! We heard your feedback and we’re grateful for it! 🙌 Please know that there are no plans to ever deprecate the object-based API. We’re also working on a new RFC and on a more high-level article to answer some of your concerns. Stay tuned!
It’s also worth mentioning that every RFC is just us asking you for feedback on an idea and is never something set in stone. You can also propose your ideas the same way.
Now back to the news – there will be a VueCamp Berlin this October for which I’m super excited. Contrary to typical conferences, this event allows everyone to share their ideas, give a talk or a workshop. You can read more about it here.
Also, if you have been looking for a series of amazing Vue workshops – take a look at Vue and Wine. It’s a 3-days long series of workshops, lead by none other than Natalia Tepluhina, Darek “Gusto” Wędrychowski and Nicolò Maria Mezzopera. The dates are September 27-29th.

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VueCamp: Vue.js Barcamp Berlin VueCamp: Vue.js Barcamp Berlin
So happy to finally announce it! We're officially kicking off @VueAndMe, a new series of events providing an intimate #vuejs learning experience where we can both share our knowledge and enjoy free time together. Be sure to follow us and check for details!
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