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#144: Nuxt.js v2.8 is out ✨ Is Vue suddenly getting very mainstream? 🤷‍♂️ The Paradox of Abstraction and more!

Hello, I hope you had a great week. For us, the week was full or surprises. If you’re using Netflix,
June 5 · Issue #144 · View online
Vue.js News
I hope you had a great week. For us, the week was full or surprises. If you’re using Netflix, you might have seen a new series, where they are using Vue to build the web app to sell certain things online. And then, after the Apple conference, it turned out that the new SwiftUI Tutorials page is also using Vue for it’s interactive parts. Pretty rad!
Nuxt.js v2.8 has been released with some pretty cool new improvements.
Michael Thiessen has also written a great article how sometimes abstractions, when created too early, can cause you huge problems later on. This is especially important in the context of re-usability which is something what many developers strive to achieve.
Also, a huge shoutout to Ben Hong for his incredible help with this issue! Thank you! 💚

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Nuxt v2.8.0 is out ✨
- Build indicator right in your browser 🖥️
- Grouping SSR logs 🖥️
- Detecting `pages/` creation 👀
- 12 fixes 🐞
- Examples updated 💅
Dan Vega
When you start building real world #vuejs apps you will eventually move to something like vuex but did you know that when using vue-router you can bubble up an event from a child component in a view and listen for that event on the router-view component? It's just a component 🤷‍♂️
Damian Dulisz
Small #vuejs trick.
When receiving arguments through a scoped slot, you have access to the same JS syntax as when receiving arguments in a function. Means can provide defaults. There you can call component methods and pass arguments that you just received in the slot 🦊
The Paradox of Abstraction: When Good Code is Bad Code - Michael Thiessen
Building a Dynamic Tree Diagram with SVG and Vue.Js – Krutie Patel
So What Actually is Vue.set? – Marina Mosti
Observable REST API with Vue.js - Markus Oberlehner
Quick Content Testing using Snapshots in Vue.js – VueDose
Vuex Tutorial - Vuex Crash Course – RakibTG
Building a modal with Vue.js and Tailwind CSS - Jason Beggs
Why donations are important – Razvan Stoenescu – Quasar Framework
GitHub - nickbasile/tailwind-vue-modal
GitHub - posva/vue-local-scope
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