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#140: Vuex v3.1.1 released. Vue-CLI v4.0-alpha is here; Managing state with Apollo and more!

Hello! Whoa, there is so much content this week we had a really hard time picking up the articles (so
May 9 · Issue #140 · View online
Vue.js News
Whoa, there is so much content this week we had a really hard time picking up the articles (some of them might show up next week).
First of all, Vuex got a new release which will definitely make the NativeScript devs happy, since now it supports debugging with the remote Vue Devtools. 🎉
The Vue-CLI v4.0.0-alpha has also been released with several meaningful changes like bumping the versions on webpack-chain, core-js, ESLint, and workbox in the PWA plugin. Take it for a spin and let us know of any issues.
Also, Natalia has written an amazing article on managing state when using Apollo and is probably a must read those of you considering using Apollo in your project.

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Release v3.1.1 · vuejs/vuex · GitHub
Release v4.0.0-alpha.0 · vuejs/vue-cli · GitHub
Damian Dulisz
Quick #vuejs trick:
You can use :key outside of v-for loops, to force a component to fully re-render (including triggering it’s lifecycle hooks) that would normally not react to a props change. Read more:
v-tooltip 3.0 alpha | Guillaume Chau on Patreon
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Apollo state management in Vue application - Natalia Tepluhina
Vue + Tailwind + PurgeCSS — The right way – kyis
Structuring Vuex Modules for Relationships, Speed and Flexibility – Greg Bate
Handling Errors in Vue.js – Raymond Camden
Vue.js: Using Vue Router Page Transitions – Orlandster
‘Go Beyond Static’ with Vue Router – Sean Norton
Quick Intro to Vuex ORM - Anthony Gore
The IoC Container Pattern with Vue.js - Markus Oberlehner
GitHub - Akryum/vue-observe-visibility GitHub - Akryum/vue-observe-visibility
GitHub - Orlandster/vue-page-transition
GitHub - vuex-orm/vuex-orm
Release v2.1.6 · shentao/vue-multiselect · GitHub
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