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#119: Using Vue? Evan wants to hear from you; Example repos from Chris Fritz, NativeScript 5.0 released!

Hello! If you're with a company using Vue successfully, Evan You wants to hear from you. Core Vue Mem
November 13 · Issue #119 · View online
Vue.js News
If you’re with a company using Vue successfully, Evan You wants to hear from you. Core Vue Member Chris Fritz has some new resources for us: an example monolith application and the hello-vue-components library. And fresh out of the oven: NativeScript 5.0!
-Damian Dulisz

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NativeScript 5.0 is hot 🔥 out of the oven!
Evan You
If your company is using Vue in a major product with success, and you are interested in sharing your learnings with the community through a case study, please send a brief intro of your Vue use case to :)
Chris Fritz
🆕 I'm often asked how to best integrate a Vue frontend and Node backend API into a single, monolithic codebase. 👭 💕

Now thanks to a push from @John_Papa, I finally built an example app I can share publicly. Questions/feedback are extremely welcome! 🙂
Chris Fritz
🆕 Building a Vue component library, but not sure how with Vue CLI 3? Check out:

🎉 🎉

It includes all the best practices I know for building component libraries with Vue CLI 3. And it's still in active development, so feedback is extremely welcome!
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