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#117: Vue-Hooks anyone? Atomic Design for Vue components; Validation Providers and more!

Hello! Recently there’s a lot of buzz around Hooks – a new experimental addition to React, introduced
October 30 · Issue #117 · View online
Vue.js News
Recently there’s a lot of buzz around Hooks – a new experimental addition to React, introduced by Dan Abramov a few days ago.
Evan being Evan jumped right in on the idea and created Vue-Hooks – a library that implements hooks for Vue in less than 100 lines of code.
So what are hooks exactly? It’s an alternative pattern to solve the code-sharing/reusability problem that is usually solved with mixins, higher-order components or render props (think scoped slots or renderless components).
Hooks should help you extract shared logic that you wouldn’t be able to easily extract otherwise. If you ask me, hooks might become the go-to solution for working with different kinds of API calls and integrating services like real-time databases or chats. Maybe a new Apollo integration? Time will tell.
— Damian Dulisz
P.S. Keep in mind the Vue-Hooks library is totally not production ready!

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Evan You
Ok I can’t really help myself… use hooks in Vue (via userland lib in under 100 LOC):
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Release 🚀 Release 1.0.0 · posva/vue-promised · GitHub
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VeeValidate 2.1: Validation Providers – Abdelrahman Awad
Vue CLI 3.0 plugin for creating apps using Atomic Design & Storybook - Milad Alizadeh
Extending Vuetify Form Field Validation – Julia Ihnatova
GitHub - yyx990803/vue-hooks
GitHub - milad-alizadeh/vue-cli-plugin-atomic-design-components
GitHub - swisnl/vue-cli-plugin-svg-sprite
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