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Vue.js Feed - Issue #65: Diving into Vue 2.5, the future of Vuetify, Introduction to VueFire & Vuex Modules, Summit app made with Vue + GraphQL + Apollo, & more tutorials, jobs, and resources

Greetings! In issue #65, learn more about the latest release of Vue 2.5 & the plans regarding the
October 22 · Issue #65 · View online
Vue.js Feed
In issue #65, learn more about the latest release of Vue 2.5 & the plans regarding the future of Vuetify.
The Master class from is coming soon, to help you stay sharp in modern web development.
Dive into the tutorials section, which includes an introduction to VueFire & using Vuex modules, and much more.
Also, lots of useful resources, like Summit, an app made with Vue + GraphQL + Apollo made by @Akryum.
Read on!

Ready to get back to school?
The future of Vuetify
Deep dive into Vue 2.5
The JavaScript Modules Limbo
Laravel/Vue SPAs: How to send AJAX requests and not run into CSRF token mismatch exceptions
Animation and Data Visualization with Vue
Introduction to VueFire
Using Vuex Modules Inside Components
Use Sass/Scss of Webpack in Vue
Check out with Stripe using a Vue.js plugin
Creating a super simple FontAwesome 5 icon component in Vue
Vue.js: Routing with vue-router
Upload pictures and Gifs with this mobile friendly Vue.js component
Guidelines for creating a successful Job Portfolio Portal
Jobs Front-end Developer (Vue.js / CSS) - Full Time (Remote)
Senior Front End Developer - Full Time (Seattle, USA)
Looking to hire? Post a Job.
Full stack SPA with Vue.js and Flask
Summit - Ask questions to the speaker and upvote them!
Code & Plugins
Modal templates with Pug, SCSS, and Vue.js
In case you’ve created or seen something awesome, related to Vue.js, submit it here to share it with the community.
Are pandas considered bears?
Scientists have used DNA to find out that the giant panda is more closely related to the other bears than to the raccoons. Giant pandas are in the family Ursidae with the seven other bear species. Raccoons are in the family Procyonidae, along with ring-tails and coatis.
Curated with love by Kostas Maniatis.
See you in the next issue, until then, stay cool.
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