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Vue.js Feed - Issue #145: Vue London w/ Evan You at the Keynote presentation; New update for vue-apollo & more!

Greetings everyone! Its good to see you again. Vue London is less than a month away so take some tim
September 13 · Issue #144 · View online
Vue.js Feed
Greetings everyone!
Its good to see you again.
Vue London is less than a month away so take some time to check out the amazing people who will attend. Vue Vixens will also host a workshop there!
A new update for @vuejs - @apollographq (rc.3) check out potential breaking changes.
Read an exiting story about Sforzando a project about music and Vue.js!
Also, see photos from the first vuejs conference in India!

Vue.js London
Exciting news!

@youyuxi is returning with his Keynote presentation; we will welcome him remotely. Where he will give the low down on the state of the next version of @vuejs and more.

Don't miss out on this epic opportunity!

#code #create #communicate
1:55 PM - 13 Sep 2019
Guillaume Chau
New update to @vuejs @apollographql off the press with almost entirely rewritten typings 🔥
TypeScript users, please read the release notes!
1:04 AM - 13 Sep 2019
Vue Vixens 🦊
Our second featured workshop is on Oct 5 at @vue_london conference! Led by @kristinruben and @MariaLamardo - two superstars - you can learn about new APIs coming in Vue 3! Join the bleeding edge in this brand new workshop!
5:14 PM - 13 Sep 2019
VueDay 2019
Release v4.0.0-rc.3
Vue Community
Vue communication patterns: an intro to “props-down” and “events-up” pattern
Vue and Me: Budapest edition
Lazy Loading Individual Vue Components and Prefetching Lazy Loading Individual Vue Components and Prefetching
On building a Vue.js piano, Scriabin's synesthesia, synths/samplers in Tone.js, learning your scales and arpeggios and more!
Building Your Application with Styled Components in Vue.js
Cost Effective Serverless Nuxt.js
Vue PWA: Building A Progressive Web App w/ Nuxt
Vue.js Rating Selector
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Senior Frontend Developer - Full-time (Clearwater, FL, USA)
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How many times can an ant lift its own weight?
The ability of worker ants to carry many times their own body weight is well documented, but new research on heavy-lifting ants reveals that the neck joint of a common American field ant can withstand pressures up to 5,000 times greater than its own body weight.
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