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Vue.js Feed - Issue #143: Read the Q&A for the new proposal in Vue - Get tickets for Vue London Conference workshops!

Hello, There is some debate around the latest RFC so in case you have some questions the Q&A migh
June 24 · Issue #143 · View online
Vue.js Feed
There is some debate around the latest RFC so in case you have some questions the Q&A might help clear things a bit.
Vue London is hosting some pretty interesting workshops, you can take a look at their home page.
Also, take a look on how to Auto-Generate Documentation with Nuxt.
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Evan You
Very good points, actually someone already implemented the proposed API for Vue 2:
9:11 AM - 21 Jun 2019
We would like to apologize for any confusion and concerns caused by the way the original RFC was presented. We have always valued ecosystem stability and we will never force you to rewrite your code :)
2:01 PM - 24 Jun 2019
Natalia Tepluhina
If you're confused about new @vuejs function-based API and if you think 'oh noes Vue will become complicated, I need to rewrite my whole codebase': please read Q&A section here:

⚡️The new API is 100% compatible with current syntax and purely additive ⚡️
6:22 AM - 21 Jun 2019
Guillaume Chau
Here is the source of the work-in-progress converter tool I showed earlier:
2:52 PM - 24 Jun 2019
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