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Vue.js Feed - Issue #141: VueConfTO 2019 tickets - Quasar 1.0 officially becomes “latest” - What's new in Nuxt.js & more

Greetings everyone, @VueToronto are now open, early bird tickets available! Check out the speakers an
May 26 · Issue #140 · View online
Vue.js Feed
Greetings everyone,
@VueToronto are now open, early bird tickets available! Check out the speakers announced (so far).
The latest release of Nuxt v2.7 is already out, time to see what is new with Nuxt!
You can now support Vue development on GitHub sponsorship.
There is quite a list of tutorials below so make sure you go through it!
Read on!

🎬 What's New in Nuxt🎥

During his visit to the Prismic Studio, @Atinux discussed what's planned for @nuxt_js as they work towards V3.

Watch the full video to find out about updates to modules in their CLI, the Nuxt testing process, and more. 👇
Quasar Framework
RC.1 released for all Quasar core packages! Quasar 1.0 officially becomes “latest”.
VueConf TO

#VueConfTO tickets are now open!!!

VueConf Toronto 2019 🇨🇦
Head over to to get your super early bird tickets now!

PS: Find the easter egg 😉
Many of our team members also have their profiles live - please consider supporting them as well!
Evan You
My GitHub sponsorship profile is live: - this is preferred over Patreon if you are an individual donor, also am looking to move over completely once it gets more feature complete.
We just integrated @github funding.yml to help us financially 💕

We added our @opencollect, @tidelift and @otechie
Vue-Router RFCs
An introduction to test-driven development with Vue.js
Learn Single File Components in this Vue.js Course Learn Single File Components in this Vue.js Course
Implementing the Builder Pattern in Vue.js Part 1: Listings
How to Build a Group Chat App with Vue.js | PubNub
Nuxt + Jest setup from scratch
Sharing and Reusing Vue Mixins in the cloud with
Dockerizing a Vue App
Build a Voice and Video Chat App with Vue.js and CometChat
How to setup editor.js in vuejs without hassle
Swipe Gallery using Vue.js & Tailwind 
Creating a product configurator with Vue #2
Course introduction
Front End Developer - Freelance (Remote/OR, USA)
Senior Project Manager w/ Platform Conversion Experience - Full-Time (NY, USA)
Looking to hire Vue.js devs? Post a Job.
Code & Plugins
Vue Eva Icons
vue-managed-scroller - npm
In case you’ve created or seen something awesome, submit it here to share it with the community.
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The average adult human brain weighs about 3 pounds – the same weight as the average brain of a dolphin (which is also a very intelligent animal). But there are animals with larger brains that are not considered to be as intelligent as a dolphin. For instance, a sperm whale has a brain that weighs about 17 pounds.
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