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Vue.js Feed - Issue #120: 3 days for VueConfTo - Upgrade to NativeScript/Vue 5.0 - releases for ZEIT/Storybook/Quasar Framework & more!

Hello there, glad to see you here again this week! Only a few days remaining for the 1st Vue conferen
November 11 · Issue #120 · View online
Vue.js Feed
Hello there, glad to see you here again this week!
Only a few days remaining for the 1st Vue conference in Toronto! Get hyped!
NativeScript 5.0 has been released with some new hot stuff, if you are using it you should upgrade your existing Vue app (scaffolded using the vue-cli-template) to 5.0.
If your company is using Vue, you can help the community by sharing your learnings, check Evan’s tweet.
The tutorials section is quite large today, lots of stuff - great stuff - going around so I picked those I found more interesting. I tried to keep the rest issue small so it doesn’t get to big to read! If you think bigger is better or smaller and cuter let me know! Enjoy!

VueConf TO
🚨 Only 4 days until #VueConfTO
6:47 PM - 10 Nov 2018
NativeScript-Vue - Upgrading to Nativescript 5
Quasar v0.17.18, CLI v0.17.21, Quasar Extras v2.0.9 are out!
Evan You
If your company is using Vue in a major product with success, and you are interested in sharing your learnings with the community through a case study, please send a brief intro of your Vue use case to :)
10:30 PM - 9 Nov 2018
Chris Fritz
🆕 I'm often asked how to best integrate a Vue frontend and Node backend API into a single, monolithic codebase. 👭 💕

Now thanks to a push from @John_Papa, I finally built an example app I can share publicly. Questions/feedback are extremely welcome! 🙂
9:15 PM - 8 Nov 2018
ZEIT – Now 2.0
Storybook 4.0 is here!
The schedule for 2019 will be available soon & the Early Bird sale ends on December 1. Stay up to date with all the important #vuejs conference announcements & details here
3:00 AM - 10 Nov 2018
Nuxt.js Fundamentals, a Vue.js video course Nuxt.js Fundamentals, a Vue.js video course
Implicit state sharing: React’s context API & provide/inject in Vue
How to Render Vue Apps to a Server Using Nuxt
Combining the Grails Vue profile client and server projects
Combining ZeroMQ with Vue.js
Using Vue CLI 3 with Tailwind.css
Working an application in Vue.js with TDD 
Vue as Event Bus
Software Developer - Full-Time (Toronto, ON, Canada)
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Code & Plugins
In case you’ve created or seen something awesome, related to Vue.js, submit it here to share it with the community.
No sooner than you said hello its time to say goodbye - in memoriam
Curated with love by Kostas Maniatis.
See you in the next issue, stay positive.
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