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Vue.js Feed - Issue #115 - Interactive NativeScript-Vue Tutorial - Vue meetup at Montevideo - Unit Testing Vue Components & more.

Hello, Last week there was the announcement of the NativeScript-Vue 2.0 release. Now, you can try the
October 7 · Issue #115 · View online
Vue.js Feed
Last week there was the announcement of the NativeScript-Vue 2.0 release. Now, you can try the interactive NativeScript-Vue Tutorial (Build a Weather App with NativeScript-Vue).
The VueConf in Toronto is growing with participants from 13 countries, be a part of it!
A new Vue meetup will take place at Montevideo, Tuesday, 9 October 2018, if you are close by you might want to join in!
Also, get a nice Nuxt.js tip below from @MarinaAisa.

Marina Aísa
. @Nuxt_js 2.0 tip 🔍
How to add custom Webpack loaders in your Nuxt 2.0 project, overriding default configuration.

Nuxt has changed its Webpack default config in v.2 but they haven't changed it yet in their documentation. Here I explain you how to fix it.
@vuejs #VueTips 👇😊
6:09 PM - 6 Oct 2018
VueConf TO
🥳 @vuejs has a community without borders and so does #VueConfTO! Thank you all for being a part of this great conference 🎉 So far we have participants from 13 countries and counting... Toronto welcomes you all!

🎟️ Get your tickets at

5:43 PM - 1 Oct 2018
Montevideo VueJS Meetup #1
AWS Amplify Vue.js Support
Vue.js London 2018 | Summary
An updated version of our vue-cli-3 plugin has released. Updates to the electron builder integration guide and a fix for duplicated browserslist when using the polyfill option —
6:09 PM - 3 Oct 2018
Uikit with VueJS — Vue cli 3 Uikit with VueJS — Vue cli 3
Building Vue Components so Back-End Developers Won’t Hate You
The joy of building Vue apps in Typescript
Unit Test Your First Vue.js Component
Openbook | Social network Openbook | Social network
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Wordpress Developer - Full-Time (Remote)
Software QA Engineer/Tester - Full-Time (Las Vegas, Nevada)
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Code & Plugins
Vue CLI Plugin Electron Builder
In case you’ve created or seen something awesome, related to Vue.js, submit it here to share it with the community.
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Curated with love by Kostas Maniatis.
See you in the next issue, stay positive.
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