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Vue.js Feed - Issue #114: Nuxt.js online - New VueConf To announcements - New releases & Extra tutorials!

Hello there! After last week's release of Nuxt v2, the team has made an online playground for Nuxt th
September 30 · Issue #114 · View online
Vue.js Feed
Hello there!
After last week’s release of Nuxt v2, the team has made an online playground for Nuxt through @codesandboxapp!
The Nuxt.js creators will be at @VueToronto along with other speakers, more were announced this week.
I have pinned some extraordinary tutorials this week including one from @VueSchool_io reagrding form validating and one for a Vue CLI 3 app with @tailwindcss and purgecss.
Dive in!

You can now play with Nuxt.js online on 🎉
Huge props to @CompuIves and @lucabogdan for their awesome work on @codesandboxapp
1:04 PM - 28 Sep 2018
VueConf TO
📢 Speaker Announcement

@jthoms1 from @Ionicframework will be joining us at #VueConfTO to talk about using @vuejs in Ionic projects!

Grab your tickets now at
6:26 PM - 27 Sep 2018
v1.2.5 has released. Includes fixes for navigation drawers and autocomplete with async items —
4:47 PM - 25 Sep 2018
What's New in Vue Devtools 5.0 Beta
Release v0.6.6 · tailwindcss
Become a Vue.js Form Validation Master
Setting up a vue-cli 3 app with tailwindcss and purgecss
Vue Router — The Missing Manual
Writing multiple Vue components in a single file
How we built a Vue CLI Plugin for Netlify Lambda
Create a Progressive Web App using Vue, Cosmic JS, and GraphQL
Create Vue Apps Visually with the Vue UI Tool
Would like to fill this spot and get the attention you deserve? Reach us at to learn available dates.
Zircle UI : A circular zooming UI LIbrary powered by Vue.js Zircle UI : A circular zooming UI LIbrary powered by Vue.js
Vue.js Contractor - Freelance (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Remote Wordpress Developer
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Code & Plugins
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Who first introduced the concept of IQ?
History of IQ Testing. The abbreviation IQ comes from the term intelligence quotient first coined by psychologist William Stern in the early 1900’s. This term was later used by Alfred Binet and the French government to objectively test and identify children in public schools with special educational needs.
Curated with love by Kostas Maniatis.
See you in the next issue, stay positive.
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