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Vue.js Feed - Issue #105: Vue.js Core Team Summit #1, New releases, New Vue.js Roadtrip Videos

Hello, The Vue.js Core Team members are gathering in Wrocław for the very first Vue Sprint for a whol
July 29 · Issue #105 · View online
Vue.js Feed
The Vue.js Core Team members are gathering in Wrocław for the very first Vue Sprint for a whole week of focused work on Vue-core libraries, tools, and websites.
New videos from the recent Vue.js Roadtrip have been released, you can now watch more talks!
Learn how to improve performance by lazy loading your components in the Async Vue Components tutorial by @VueSchool_io.

So excited for the 2019 edition of #vuejsamsterdam ! Get your tickets here:
12:00 PM - 24 Jul 2018
Guillaume Chau
2:36 PM - 25 Jul 2018
Release v5.0.0-beta.1 · vuejs/eslint-plugin-vue
Quasar v0.17.4 & CLI v0.17.5 are out!
Vuejs Roadtrip - Videos
Vue.js Core Team Summit #1 | Meetup
How We Implemented High-load Website Interface with Vue and Google Maps
Vue CLI 3: New Era in Frontend Development
Async Vue.js Components Async Vue.js Components
Building a scalable full-stack CMS with Quasar and Hadron
Deploy a Vue.js Ecommerce App in 3 Steps
How to use Sass globally in a Vue.js project without @import
Building a PDF Viewer with Vue (Part 3) - Extracting a data component in Vue
Creating a Markdown editor/previewer in Electron and Vue.js
Vue Authentication And Route Handling Using Vue-router
Website builder for DJs - Vibecast Website builder for DJs - Vibecast
Senior JavaScript Developer - Full-time (Belfast, UK /Relocation Offered)
VueJS Developer H/F - Full-time (Paris, France)
Looking to hire Vue.js devs? Post a Job.
Code & Plugins
vue-cli-plugin-apollo: vue-cli 3.x plugin for Apollo and GraphQL
In case you’ve created or seen something awesome, related to Vue.js, submit it here to share it with the community.
How fast is terminal velocity of a bullet?
Hatcher calculated that his .30-caliber rifle bullets reached terminal velocity—the speed at which air resistance balances the accelerating force of gravity—at 300 feet per second. You might die from a bullet moving at that speed, but it’s unlikely.
Curated with love by Kostas Maniatis.
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