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Vue.js Feed - Issue #104: Vue Confs updates, Meet Vue Vixens through their new blog, new tutorials & resources.

Greetings everyone! The VueConf in Toronto has announced more speakers, don't forget the date - Novem
July 22 · Issue #104 · View online
Vue.js Feed
Greetings everyone!
The VueConf in Toronto has announced more speakers, don’t forget the date - November 14-16, 2018.
Meet Vue Vixens through their new blog get to know them and what they have been up to!
Every week news & tips are shared all around check below to see a couple that may help you the next time you are writing Vue.
Lots of updates and tutorials, start scrolling!

Guillaume Chau
Automatically import variables and mixins with any CSS language in @vuejs CLI:
6:20 PM - 18 Jul 2018
Alex Jover Morales
✍️ An anti-pattern I sometimes see in @vuejs is to use watchers + additional state variables to work with derived data.

Instead, use computed properties. They make the reasoning easier and use caching, so you get some performance for free 😉
10:16 AM - 16 Jul 2018
Weekly Update #3 - Vue.js London
Release v1.1.5 · vuetifyjs
Anyway, should I nest data or should I not in Vue?
Doing Vue after three years with React
Love letter to Vue
Our experience in development of SPA using Vue + Nuxt
Building "Renderless" Vue Components Building "Renderless" Vue Components
Writing Vuex modules in neat Typescript classes
Starter kit with Vue, Vuex, Router, Webpack, Vue-bootstrap and Express
Build an Instagram clone with Vue.js and CSSGram
Vuejs and plotly.js = reactive charts
Vuelidate Validation Messages
Tutorials / Vue tictactoe
by Creative Tim
by Creative Tim
Premium Vue Themes and Dashboards - 80% off
TRulyy - The Traffic Rule Assistant for Europe
Senior JavaScript Developer - Full-time (Belfast, UK /Relocation Offered)
VueJS Developer H/F - Full-time (Paris, France)
Looking to hire Vue.js devs? Post a Job.
Code & Plugins
Vue.js Color Gradient Generator
In case you’ve created or seen something awesome, related to Vue.js, submit it here to share it with the community.
How strong is a strand of human hair?
A single strand could hold 100g (3oz) in weight: the combined hair of a whole head could support 12 tonnes, or the weight of two elephants. Weight for weight, it is not as strong as steel: more like aluminium, or reinforced glass fibres or Kevlar, which is used to make bulletproof vests.
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