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Vue.js Developers Issue #97 - Including Markdown Content in a Vue or Nuxt SPA, Vue vs Vanilla JavaScript, and more

Vue.js Developers
Vue.js Developers Issue #97 - Including Markdown Content in a Vue or Nuxt SPA, Vue vs Vanilla JavaScript, and more
By Anthony Gore • Issue #97 • View online
Happy new year, Vue.js devs!
A few days ago a non-developer friend sent me an article with the headline Vue, React and Python: The hottest coding tools of 2018. He doesn’t know anything about Vue, but he knew I was a coder and though I might be interested.
At first, the headline didn’t really spark my interest…I see articles like this written by enthusiastic developers on Medium every week, as I’m sure you do.
But this article wasn’t on Medium. And it wasn’t written by a developer…it was on Quartz, the news publication, and was written by a journalist!
And Quartz isn’t the only publication showcasing Vue; Wired also did an article on Evan You a few months back.
When Vue is a topic that even non-frontend devs are talking about, you know it’s truly building momentum.
I think 2019 is going to be a great year for us as Vue developers! I’d love to hear what Vue projects you’re working on or have planned for this year.

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