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Vue.js Developers Issue #88 - Vue Hooks, Getting Your Company To Switch To Vue, Deep Dive into VuePress and more

Vue.js Developers
Vue.js Developers Issue #88 - Vue Hooks, Getting Your Company To Switch To Vue, Deep Dive into VuePress and more
By Anthony Gore • Issue #88 • View online

The world of frontend web dev has been abuzz with discussion about React hooks this week.
Announced at React Conf 2018, hooks provide a succinct new way of creating functional React components, and inspired Vue founder Evan You to provide an experimental Vue adaptation the very next day!
Hooks could have two main uses cases in Vue: to give state to functional components, and to allow state to be reused across components in a way that’s more robust than mixins.
I’ve linked an article below which provides a more thorough explanation and some examples.
Can we expect to see hooks become a part of Vue core? Too early to say, but given Evan’s enthusiasm, it seems possible!
Evan You
As a composition mechanism, hooks is objectively better than mixins, HOCs and render props. I think we will try to find a way to allow Vue users leverage its power in a way that complements Vue's idiomatic API.
3:27 PM - 28 Oct 2018
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