Vue.js Developers Issue #4 - Vuetify 0.9 release, mocking Vuex in unit tests and more

If you haven't seen it, Vuetify is a fantastic component framework utilising Google's Material Design
Anthony Gore
Vue.js Developers Issue #4 - Vuetify 0.9 release, mocking Vuex in unit tests and more
By Anthony Gore • Issue #4
If you haven’t seen it, Vuetify is a fantastic component framework utilising Google’s Material Design and, of course, Vue.js.
This week sees the release of v0.9.0 which is focused on polishing up forms but also includes some new components like slider, stepper and switch. 
Check out the release notes for more info and keep reading below for more interesting Vue.js articles and tutorials!

Vuetify v0.9.0 released!
Vuetify is a component framework utilising Material Design. Version 0.9.0 is focused on polishing up one of the weakest areas in Vuetify, the forms. New components include slider, stepper, switch and more!
How to Create the VueConf Load Animation (While Learning About Vue.js and SVGs in the Process)
Vue.js recently released a new landing page for VueConf 2017 that included a nice animation. How about we make that animation and learn more about Vue.js and SVGs?
Reactivity In Vue.js (And Its Pitfalls)
Vue configures reactivity automatically whenever you create a data property, saving you time and making your code terse. But this simplicity can come back to bite you!
Stripe with Vue.js – Thinking in Code
Interesting tutorial on implementing Stripe with Vue.js. It turns out that your typical Stripe checkout form can be greatly improved when reimplemented as a Vue component!
Learn how to mock Vuex in Vue unit tests. This tutorial shows you how to mock Vuex actions and gettters used in your Vue components.
vue-trend: 🌈 Simple, elegant spark lines for Vue.js
Graphing tools are often complex, abstract, and heavy. But what if you just need a spark line that shows a trend?
eagle.js: A hackable slideshow framework built with Vue.js
Eagle.js is a slideshow system built on top of the Vue.js web framework. It supports animations, themes, interactive widgets (for web demos), and makes it easy to reuse components, slides and styles across presentations.
Courses and Education
Learn and master VueJS by building 3 professional, real world web application using Vue!
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