Vue.js Developers Issue #14 - Switching from React to Vue, PWA Template released for vue-cli and more

The PWA (Progress Web App) craze has spread to Vue.js!If you're not familiar with them, PWAs combine
Anthony Gore
Vue.js Developers Issue #14 - Switching from React to Vue, PWA Template released for vue-cli and more
By Anthony Gore • Issue #14
The PWA (Progress Web App) craze has spread to Vue.js!
If you’re not familiar with them, PWAs combine the best of web and mobile apps. Imagine websites that are built with web technologies, but act and feel like apps.
This week there’s a new official vue-cli template for PWAs released. The successor to the TodoMVC project is the “Hacker News readers as PWAs project” has been released, including a Vue PWA by Evan You.
We also have an article on how to build a PWA, check it out along with other great articles below.

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6 Essential Vue.js Links From This Week
Official PWA Template For vue-cli Based on the Webpack Template
Here’s the official full-featured PWA template for vue-cli based on the Webpack template. Includes boilerplates for hot-reload, lint-on-save, unit testing, and CSS extraction.
Hacker News Readers as Progressive Web Apps
The successor to TodoMVC. Check out this list of unofficial Hacker News clients built with popular JavaScript frameworks and libraries. Each implementation is a complete Progressive Web App!
A Progressive Web Application with Vue JS, Webpack & Material Design
This article is part of a series that aims to build a basic but complete Progressive Web Application with VueJs, Webpack & Material Design, step-by-step and from scratch.
State Management in Vue: Getting Started with Vuex
Vue is awesome. But, like every other component-based framework, it’s difficult to keep track of state when your application starts growing - especially when there’s so much data moving from one component to another.
How to Migrate from AngularJS to Vue
AngularJS-to-Vue migration can’t be done in one shot - it should be as progressive and as smooth as possible. Nicolas Payot shows you how.
Control DOM Outside Your Vue.js App with portal-vue ←
Render components outside of your Vue.js app component easily and simply with portal-vue. Joshua Bemenderfer demos this great new Vue project.
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