VR Links - Issue #26

Hey, thanks for checking out this week's edition of VR Links! And yes I do owe you an email. Fortunat
September 16 - Issue #26

VR Links

Handpicked links about virtual reality, curated by Peter Rojas.

Hey, thanks for checking out this week’s edition of VR Links! And yes I do owe you an email. Fortunately there’s been no shortage of great VR news while I’ve been away, including the release of Onward for the Vive. 
As always, please get in touch if you have a link I should add to next week’s email. Also, I’m actively investing in VR, and so would love to hear from you if you’re working on something I should check out.
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VR Gaming
This hit VR game is the first to make $1M a month
VR Randomness
'Portal' Co-Creator Plans 72-Hour Record-Breaking VR Marathon
The Time I Went on Border Patrol in a Virtual Reality World
VR Hardware
MSI's VR One backpack PC slims down to 8 pounds, offers 90 minutes of gameplay
FOVE 0: Pre-orders Begin November 2nd
Meet the First 4K VR Headset
Valve partners with Quark VR for untethered, WiFi-enabled Vive
Neal Stephenson wants weirder VR
‘Snow Crash’ author Neal Stephenson is hoping for weird, indie VR
Tim Cook on VR vs AR
Why Apple CEO Tim Cook Prefers Augmented Reality Over Virtual Reality
Miyamoto wants to wait
Miyamoto Believes VR Still Isn’t Ready For Nintendo
Google's Cardboard Camera comes to iOS
Google's Cardboard Camera app comes to iOS - Mobile World LiveGoogle's Cardboard Camera app comes to iOS

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