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VR Links - Issue #19

Hey there, thanks for checking out this week's edition of VR Links! An especially great mix of the we

VR Links

July 1 · Issue #19 · View online
Handpicked links about virtual reality, curated by Peter Rojas.

Hey there, thanks for checking out this week’s edition of VR Links! An especially great mix of the weird and wonderful this week, plus a special mini-section on HTC and the future of the Vive. 
As always, please get in touch if you’re working on something in VR or have a link you think I should include in next week’s edition. Also, if you like my newsletter would you mind sharing it?
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P.P.S. - Debating whether to try out supersampling on my Vive headset to improve image quality. Anyone out there given it a shot and gotten good results?

VR Randomness
Even Paris Hilton Is Getting On The VR Train Now
This Guy Used an Oculus Rift to Propose to His Girlfriend
'Ghostbusters: Dimension' is a glimpse at where VR is headed
Jerry's Place for Virtual Reality
Virtual reality theater set for Friday premiere
VR Gaming...
Hands-On Preview - Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope
'VR Sports Challenge' Hockey on Oculus Rift Brings Thrilling Fights
...and Non-gaming VR
SPACE wants to move your office into VR space
Google is Adding a VR Shell to Chrome to Let You Browse the Entire Web in VR
Can Virtual Reality Emerge As a Tool for Conservation?
Virtual reality training ramps up for the 2016 NFL season
The Future of HTC and the Vive
HTC confirms setting up a Vive subsidiary, but for alliances, not sale
HTC Gathers the World's Top VCs to Form $10 Billion VR-focused Investor Consortium
Why the Vive is Winning VR
Can we stop pretending HTC has a future in VR?
VR Hardware
Microsoft's hand-tracking magic may lead to gamepad-free VR
Rift vs Vive
Oculus discovers platform exclusives won't wash with the VR community
Latest ‘Revive’ Update Lets You Play 35 Oculus Home Games on HTC Vive
VR Media
NBC Olympics to Provide Virutal Reality Coverage of Rio 2016 Exclusively with Samsung
Jesus in VR: Virtual-Reality Movie About Christ Story Set for Christmas 2016 Release
Who Will Make Virtual Reality’s Equivalent of ‘Serial?’
The Business of VR
Is the future of VR NVIDIA, Sony and Apple?
Where VR Goes From Here
Why virtual reality matters
I Should Have Stayed Home Today: Presence and Education
Learning from History
Here’s How a Burrito Solved One Problem in Virtual Reality
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