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VR Links - Issue #17

Hey there, thanks for checking out the latest edition of VR Links! E3 was this week and that meant lo

VR Links

June 17 · Issue #17 · View online
Handpicked links about virtual reality, curated by Peter Rojas.

Hey there, thanks for checking out the latest edition of VR Links! E3 was this week and that meant lots and lots of VR announcements, the best of which I’ve collected below. Not everything was about gaming and E3 this week, so make sure you scroll all the way down to see what else was going on in VR.
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P.P.S. - I’m going to be looking for three other people to play Star Trek: Bridge Crew with me when it comes out later this year. 

VR at E3
I am stupidly excited about this.
I am stupidly excited about this.
You're in Command with Star Trek: Bridge Crew
Star Trek: Bridge Crew Trailer - VR Game Reveal with Star Trek Alums
E3 2016: Fallout 4 and Doom VR Versions Announced
Alienware's sleek backpack PC is a dorky, but practical solution to a big VR problem
Project Scorpio: Microsoft teases 6 TFLOPS, 4K, VR Xbox for holiday 2017
PlayStation VR at E3
PlayStation VR launches Oct. 13th
Here’s the full list of all 29 PSVR games/apps currently showing at E3
PlayStation VR demos begin at Best Buy and GameStop tomorrow
PS VR Aim Controller is a Zapper for the VR generation
Why Oculus and HTC Need to Watch Out for Sony in VR
Oculus Rift at E3
'Superhot VR' brings time-bending shootouts to Oculus Rift
Hands-on: ‘Obduction’ is VR’s Spiritual Successor to ‘Myst’
Over 30 Full Games Launching For Oculus Touch This Year
SteamVR Now Supports Oculus Touch Controllers
HTC Vive at E3
VP of VR at HTC Says More AAA-Titles to Come to the HTC Vive
HTC’s Mixed Reality demo shows onlookers what it’s like to experience VR
'Fallout VR' Hands On: HTC Vive Demo Shows Promise
The Nest
VR Randomness
Dramamine for VR coming next
Dramamine for VR coming next
VR Motion Band – Nyko Technologies
The Sacramento Kings just unveiled their new jerseys in VR
Obligatory VR rollercoaster pic
Obligatory VR rollercoaster pic
The Ups and Downs of Riding a VR Roller Coaster
VR Hardware
Aerial VR Made Simple
Rift vs Vive
Oculus Touch vs. HTC Vive - Which Is The Better VR Controller?
VR & Media
Michael Bay to Bring Action Chops to Virtual Reality Project
Hulu VR app now supports Oculus Rift Headsets
'Mr. Robot' to explore virtual reality in next season
The Business of VR
Why VR is the next big thing for brands
VR pioneers Felix & Paul raise nearly $7 million as Comcast jumps into virtual-reality game
VR Maker Vrse Gets a New Name—Within—and Millions in Funding
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